Top Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

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Top Real Estate Lead Generation Companies 2020

Real estate lead generation companies supply agents with potential buyers or seller contacts and renters, which are then added to a customer relationship manager (CRM) for marketing and lead nurturing. We reviewed 12 lead generation companies, landing on the six best—including the best overall—based on cost, advertising, lead nurturing capabilities, and support.

Real Estate Lead Generation Company Best For:

Agents seeking buyer or seller leads exclusive to their ZIP code

Real Geeks
Agents wanting to self-manage Facebook ads that automatically filter leads into a CRM

Market Leader
Agents seeking leads and outsourced, professional marketing support

Zillow Premier Agent
Larger brokerages wanting to generate leads on Zillow, Trulia, or StreetEasy

Brokers and agencies seeking more in-depth lead information, such as social profiles
Agents business profiles are found and matched to clients, worldwide directory

How We Evaluated Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Effective lead generation requires an investment of time and money, which is why agents look for a quality resource for real estate leads to keep their pipeline full of potential clients. To help, we looked at 12 real estate lead generation companies to find the six best based on price, lead generation methods, lead nurturing tools, support, and ease of use. Here are the criteria we used to determine the best six real estate lead generation companies:

Price: The cost of buying leads was a primary concern in our ranking of real estate lead generation companies because it directly impacts an agent’s budget. However, some companies charge per lead while others help by creating lead generation funnels that use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We considered both in our ranking.

Lead generation: While it is possible to buy real estate leads from a list provider, the real estate lead generation companies on our list have varying ways of generating leads, including social media ads, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, landing pages, lead magnets, and other tools; each inclusion has at least one proven lead generation method.

Lead nurturing: Lead nurturing capabilities, while not technically part of lead generation itself, are critical to converting a lead to a sale. That’s why we considered companies that offer some sort of CRM along with email and marketing tools to help you stay connected to the buyers and sellers in your pipeline.

Ease of use: Real estate lead generation companies had to be easy to use for all skill and experience levels to be considered for our list. Because agents’ technological understanding varies, a user-friendly service is critical to success. Customer reviews: To help paint a complete picture of a company’s actual offerings and the quality of their leads and tools, we considered customer reviews.

All six companies sets real estate agents up for success while saving them time and money. Last one in our top 6 is This company is best money for value. For €50 per month you get a company page and one premium business profile. Additional profiles in the same agency get a reduced price. The most important feature of is that all profiles are very well indexed in search engines and that every profile is securely checked if it is a valid profile. The company spends up to 15 minutes in checking each profile before it is placed online on With managed ad creation and campaigns, targets renters, buyers or sellers in anywhere in the world and drives warm leads to matching profiles.