Your expertise, our insights: together we make a difference

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With a new campaign aimed at serious seekers and potential sellers, wants to make consumers more aware of the added value of a real estate agent and to promote you even better. Due to COVID-19, now that the consumer is a little more uncertain about the future with regard to buying or selling plans, the estate agent with his/her expertise can take away a significant part of that uncertainty.

To be able to respond effectively to the sentiment of our visitors (your future clients), constantly monitors the markets - we do this, among other things, by researching the sentiment among our online visitors. What is going on with buyers and sellers and what can we do to anticipate for our listed agents? Why does a consumer contact a real estate agent during the corona-virus crises or will they not contact one? In early May 2020, we conducted an online survey of over a thousand online visitors on This has led to some interesting insights.

49% of respondents have doubts about using a buying agent / real estate agent

Of all respondents who now want to buy (or buy and sell), 25% indicated that they want to engage a buying agent. 49% are unsure, 26% would rather buy a home without an agent. Of the respondents who still have doubts and those who do not want a buying agent, 50% responded that they consider a buying agent too expensive, 42% thinks that a buying agent adds “little value”. These figures are in contrast to the current need for a sales agent: at least 60% of the sellers would hire a sales agent at the moment. Only 7% would not and 33% still has doubts. Here as well, a high commission/agency fee (53%) and too little added value (28%) weighs in the decision not to go for a sales agent.

Uncertain times for consumers

The numbers from our survey shows that there are many opportunities for both the buying and selling agent. Especially in view of the growing uncertainty among consumers regarding the market: more than a quarter of the respondents currently feel insecure about buying or selling a home and have many questions. This uncertainty stems mainly from the feeling that they do not know how the property prices and the economy will develop in the near future due to the corona crisis. A quarter to a third of the respondents do not know why a buying or selling agent can help them out.

We also asked all respondents what’s their view on real estate agents in times of crisis. The majority of the respondents believe in the added value of the sales agent, according to them the agent has not only local market knowledge in regards to price development, but also knowledge of local supply and demand. A quarter of the respondents do not really know where a sales agent could help him during this time.

In the case of the buying agent, the consumer mainly sees added value in determining the purchasing strategy. In addition, the agents local knowledge of price developments and supply/demand is also appreciated. However, the buying agent also applies that 30% of the respondents indicate that they do not know where hiring an agent can help them out with.

Opportunities for the real estate agent

The uncertainty, the many questions from the consumer side, but also the fact that some of the consumers do not properly see the added value of the agent, certainly creates opportunities for you as an agent at this time. That is why puts your profile and expertise first through an online campaign in which we respond to the current situation and the questions and needs of the consumer. At the same time, we position the listed agents as a personal advisor in times of uncertainty. Someone who can show the possibilities of the current market and knows what is going on at local and national level.

We will launch the campaign in the coming weeks. We hope to encourage the group of consumers who still have doubts about hiring an agent to change their minds. By making clear what an agents added value is, especially in times of crisis. This is how we join forces like never before. with our insights, you with your expertise.