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Real estate agents, you know you can’t be good at your jobs if you’re not plugged into the industry. But you also can’t start a real estate business, or grow the one you have, if you’re stuck behind a computer spending hours each week marketing yourself and your company. It’s important to get the industry trends and marketing advice you need quickly, so you can get back to what your job is all about. Get more leads, from home owners ànd home seekers, helping your clients, save time on stuff that is slowing you down. This way you will reach your targets.

So, wouldn’t it be great if both the home owners and clients find you in a worldwide directory of real estate agents? Did you know that the global market of relocating expatriates is about 90 million people each year? How many locals in your own region are relocating each year? This is why you should not only promote your property listings, but also yourself ànd your company. Housing Agent offers this solution. In 100 countries and 450 cities we list professional real estate agents with their full professional profiles that will bring leads to the agents, creates trust to clients, and it saves both parties a lot of time in the home searching process.

We live in a time where property portals are dominant, full automation, artificial intelligence and property is matched to a profile, or vice-versa, and these clients are drawn to property as bees around honey. Yet, there is a another big group of potential clients out there who are searching for a real person who speaks their language, understands clients culture and background, understands their needs when relocating from one country to another, and are willing to pay a good price for your services. But none of this is written out in your property listing, it may be on your own website, but for sure it is written out in your premium business profile on

The benefits of having a premium business profile on is that we will bring web traffic to your website directly, your property listings. Clients, both home owners and seekers, can read about your professional skills and your fee- and commission structure. Filter on the skills you have, from property rentals to brokerage to property investments and many more services. Add to that, if you are a foreigner yourself abroad as a real estate professional and you are multi-lingual, your future clients will find you and contact you just because you match with them culturally and speak the same language abroad. Then, in your profile you can add all your social media links, your cell phone and office phone, your office location. And you save lots of time as you do not have to explain to every prospect how you work and what you do and what you charge over and over again. This creates trust for your future client, which is confirmed by a green check mark by Housing Agent. You are a premium, verified business profile and your company page comes with it too.

So, if you do not want to be stuck behind your computer spending hours each week marketing yourself, your company, your properties and still get a lot of leads and close them all and reach your targets. Consider a premium business profile on