Sorin Zorca - BLISS Imobiliare

Sorin Zorca

Associate Director @ BLISS Imobiliare

Strada Erou Iancu Nicolae 8 Apt 4, 077190 Voluntari

BLISS Imobiliare has been active in the Romanian real estate industry since 2006. Since then we have acquired an excellent reputation based on our high professional standards and commitment to our clients.

Our company and our employees work closely with real estate owners and users, as well as investors; using a comprehensive and integrated approach to meet their real estate needs. As a professional and established boutique real estate consultant in Romania, we have acquired an extensive knowledge of real estate development and trends in Romania during our operation since 2006.

We offer intermediation and exclusive buyer/seller representation services where we are very powerful in matching demand and supply. This we amplify by our inhouse developed property management and marketing software solution.

For expats we are one of the leading agencies for your home finding in the new country you will settle. BLISS Imobiliare has one of the most extensive portfolios of rental properties. Many multinationals and Embassies have already found the homes for their expat employees through our company.

I can help you with...

Real Estate Agent, Rental Agent / Letting Agent , Residential Property Manager, Apartments, Buildings, Houses, Investments, Land, Serviced Apartments

I help...

Expatriates, Home Owners, Local Residents, Nonlocal Residents, Property Investors, Real Estate Agents, Working Nomads

I speak...

English, Romanian, Spanish

How We Work: Fees & Commissions

🧡We appreciate and cherish the personal touch and therefore we push a lot on transparent and clear communications. We care about what our clients want and expect. This in combination with our experience and deep market knowledge, active in Romanian Real Estate since 2006, we assist our clients to reach the right objectives.

👉On a daily base we manage and update our portfolio, covering approximately 90% of all offers in the market, and based on our up to date knowledge and experience we source, match and deliver. All of this is done from our in house developed Property Prospect Management and CRM system.

👌After the intake we start sourcing and matching offers, send them to our client and together we establish what we will visit.

🎯 When you have selected a property we will assist in the negotiations, contractual matters and the hand over process. Further we also assist in "after moving in" support when required.

💲For investment consultancy we share with you our experience and professional knowledge and together we agree on a plan and the objectives. Based on this we start collecting information, sourcing offers, present potential business partners/suppliers, assist in contractual negotiations and what further is needed to establish agreements between the parties involved.

Depending on the type of services required we work on either a fixed retainer fee or based on No cure No pay commissions. Or on a combination of these two.

Real estate brokerage services we charge based on the following: for rent between 50% and 100% of one month rent based on the duration of the rental agreement. Up to one year our fee is 50% and when longer than one year it is 100%. For sales transactions our fee is 3% of the final purchase value.

Investment consultancy services will be based on a retainer fee which can be combined with a success fee. This fee will be negotiated case by case.