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Relocating and moving to Belgium? As an expat moving to Belgium it can be hard to look for housing and rent or buy a house. As a multicultural country, Belgium holds three major West European cultures, namely German, Dutch and French. The real estate market in Belgium has the reputation of being a bit cheaper than these neighboring countries. Most expats choose to rent when living in Belgium. Buying can be a smart thing to do, but realize that also in Belgium the prices increased since 2013. Finding accommodation in Belgium: When it comes to finding accommodation in Belgium, there are many different ways to go about it. There are lots of websites online that have properties for you to browse through and many people find their flat or house on portals. But these sites are mainly in Dutch or French, so to help you out in your search, you may want to speak to a local real estate agent. This will help you to avoid scams online, and as you may not speak the local language, they will save you time and money. During the rental period, responsibility for the state of the property falls on the tenant, and while this does mean that you have to keep the place clean and in working order, this also gives you more freedom to decorate and make yourself at home. At the end of the rental contract, however, you need to have returned it into how you found it. While tenants are responsible for everything they use in the flat, the landlord is responsible for any issues that arise with plumbing, electricity or heating systems. So, it is advised to use a local real estate agent for your house hunting in Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and all the other Belgium cities. Your search for a local real estate agent that might even speak your own language starts here with