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Australia is a very popular expat country, chances are that you may also consider moving to Australia. Australia’s cities are always ranked in the top 30 cities for quality of life worldwide. Moving to Australia has been a dream for generations of people from everywhere in the world, who form a large portion of the nation’s foreign residents. Moreover, it has traditionally been the destination of choice for students and young professionals from all across the globe, who move to Australia for a couple of years on the working holiday visa. There are many types of flats, rentals, and houses in Australia, modern or more traditional and ranging in size from a studio flat to a large house. While Australia is regarded as an expensive place to live, there are housing options to suit all budgets. Properties in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth can be costly, as are waterfront areas, but better value options can be found in regional areas, or the suburbs further away from the city center. Leases are most commonly for six or 12 months, although longer or shorter leases can sometimes be negotiated. If you require a period shorter than six months a serviced apartment is the best option. Rental units are available furnished, unfurnished, or partially furnished. Australian rental units often do not include appliances such as fridges, washing machines or dryers, so double check if this applies to your rental. A few need to knows: All visa applicants must meet English proficiency, proper skill qualifications, health requirements and sign the Australian value statement. The cities Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are becoming more affordable destinations for expatriates paid in US dollars. However, for expats earning their salaries in AUD, the cost of living is increasing due to a rising inflation rate. Here we have listed real estate agents for rental apartments, houses and villa’s or condo’s. Select your local real estate agent in Australia here with