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Owner and Real Estate Agent @ AnderZ

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AnderZ makelaar

Paterswoldseweg 17, 9726 BA Groningen


Welcome to my profile. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, Groningen. And I work in two locations. Groningen (The Netherlands), and also just over the German border in Paperburg, Nedersaksen.

In 1998 I worked at a bank and had many clients in the real estate market. Later I started working at a property rental agency and by hard work and following various real estate courses I became a licensed real estate agent. In 2008 I started my own company which we named AnderZ makelaar (which is a pun for "doing things different" as well an A to Z for services). In todays world you can say my office is a family business since my wife is also working with me.

I live for real estate... please come over for a coffee at the leading real estate agency of Groningen, The Netherlands or in Papenburg Germany. We'll make your time worth it.

I can help you with…

Property Buying, Property Management, Property Rentals / Lettings, Property Selling, Property Valuation, Mortgage Advisory

I help…

Expatriates, Freelancer / Business owners, Landlord / Property owners, Local residents

I speak…

English, Dutch, German

How we work - fees & commission

For buying and selling:
1,5% agency fee with a minimum of € 2.750,- INCLUDING 21% V.A.T.

- To lease out property: 8% excluding 21% V.A.T. Charged to landlord;
- For home search assistance we charge 1 month's rent as a fee, Charged to tenant;