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Wytse Bonnema


Housing Specialist @ Absolute Housing

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Vijzelgracht 31-I, 1017 HN Amsterdam


I grew up in the hospitality business, and it is this hands-on full service approach that apply to all my endeavors.
I believe that positivism is key, success is a choice and stress has no basis in reality.
I can find the housing solution for your needs, from stays of a few nights to ones of a few years.
For homeowners I provide a solid framework to make the best returns on your investment and have the most solid tenants you can imagine.

I can help you with…

Property Buying, Property Rentals / Lettings, Serviced Apartments

I help…

Expatriates, Freelancer / Business owners, Landlord / Property owners

I speak…

English, Dutch, French, German

How we work - fees & commission

My fees depend a lot on the type of solution you need me to find for you. At worst my rates equal the industry standards.